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For all visitation and education inquiries for the Starseed Farms gardens, please contact Aaron Ogden.

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Our wild-crafted, food forest gardens are grown throughout the native Oak and Sage hillside forests and Orchard tree landscapes which include Avocado varieties, various Citrus and Stone fruit, Apple, Nut varieties, Carob, Mulberry, Pomegranite and Fig. We also have cherimoya, banana, papaya, guava, various wild-crafted herbs and shrubs, many flowering and seasonal green edibles. We specialize in the medicinal nature of plants.


Creating Edible Beauty

Permaculture is a pathway for creating environmental design systems for sustainable and prosperous human living on our Planet. Starseed Farms cultivates many of the modern principles held in Permaculture, stemming from sustained observation in nature, using natural landscpape in template design, and working with nature, rather than against.

Starseed’s signature approach to farming incorporates ancient wisdom ceremony, impeccible healing arts council and retreat; through this unique method, we are responding to the growing need of our society to remember and embody the nearly-lost human birthright technologies and lifestyle of the Wisdom and Earth Keepers. We are weaving this fundamental consciousness (that is co-creation) into modern daily living and farming. In a sense, we are remembering how to farm our own lives.

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The Vision

Our vision is to offer the unique tools that we learn at Starseed Farms Ojai to future earth visionaries all over the world to create and implement their unique Starseed template design appropriate for their relative landscape and environment.

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